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Inist en ligne. UK Group Les dernières nouvelles et les programmes pour OS2. XPS Quantitative evaluation.
French data base publication. UK ESCA users group. Data on OS2. A quantitative evaluation program for X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Le traitement de text sous OS2 / Word under OS2 QUEEN Mary, LONDON QUASES-Tougaard
Word under OS2 ! To see! Quantitative Analysis of Surfaces by Electron Spectroscopy Physic and chemical properties
Biblio on line Biblio on line Biblio on line Biblio on line
Visit web site NIST
Biblio on line XPS and AES data Very good course National Institute of standards and technology
NPL Surface Analytical Measurement Cristal pictures Visit web site
Surfaces and Interfaces Section (SIS) Cristal structures Spectra reference Fitting spectra